• we find housing according to your specifications, apartments, houses, in town, in the country...
  • we arrange appointments and accompany you to each viewing.
  • we explain details of the property and rental contract navigating around potential pitfalls.
  • we arrange utilities, electricity, heating, telephone, cable TV and so forth.
The build quality of apartments and houses in Bavaria is very high. In general, houses are found in the suburbs, apartments up to 4 bedrooms in the city. If you are looking for an unfurnished apartment, be aware, kitchens, built-in wardrobes and light fittings are often not included.

Furnished accommodation will normally provide everything you need. You may want to provide your own bedding and towels.

Houses and apartments are normally marketing by real estate agents (Immobilien). The total monthly rent of a house or apartment is split into net rent and additional costs (utilities). These additional costs or utility charges normally include heating, water, garbage, building-insurance and property tax.

Additional independent costs will be telephone, electricity, and sometimes TV and radio fees. Accommodation is often offered 'warm' which means that heating and hot water are included in the rent.

When you leave Bavaria or wish to change your accommodation you are usually expected to return your house or apartment in pristine condition, which can involve a lengthy period of cleaning or even redecoration!
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