Finding the right school can be one of the most important decisions you make.
  • we undertake a school search to meet your specifications
  • we organise school and nursery registration
  • we assist you to find babysitters or au-pairs

Full time education in Germany is compulsory from the age of six for a nine-year period.

Pre-school education, in the form of state and private provision, is voluntary up to the age of six. Crèches are available for children from eight weeks to three years of age. From the ages of three to six, children can attend "kindergartens" which are generally run by religious organisations, the local community or through parent initiatives. Care is generally offered on a half- or full-day basis. Charges are approximately €100 per month, per half day, depending on whether public or private "kindergartens" are chosen.

In Bavaria the school year begins in September. The first decision for parents considering a move to Germany is whether to send their children to state schools, where lessons will be taught in German, or to a private school teaching in English. We find, in general, children have little problem integrating into the state scheme and learn the language quickly. The responsibility for state education lies with the individual states of Germany and Bavaria has a high reputation. State education is provided free of charge.

There are several English-speaking (international) schools in Munich. International school students are educated from elementary to high school level and usually to International Baccalaureate. The fees for these schools range from €10.300 to €12.500 per year.

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